Domino Day Season 1 Episode 1 airs 31 January 2024 on BBC Three

On Wednesday January 31 2024 at 10:45 PM, BBC Three will be broadcasting the new episode of Domino Day.

Find out everything you need to know about the episode of Domino Day on TV Tonight, including a full preview, videos, time, cast information and how to watch!

Domino Day Season 1 Episode 1 Preview

Domino Day is a mixed-race 24-year-old Londoner out on a date with finance bro Jason in a swanky Manchester bar. She works as a barista in a local coffee bar, and also happens to be a witch. The type of witch who needs to feed. Hence Jason. Domino urges them back to his luxury apartment but when Jason tries to attack her, she turns the tables on him, and uses her magic to overpower him, block his memory and feed on him. Little does she know that Jason has secretly filmed everything.

How to Watch Domino Day

You can watch today’s episode of Domino Day on BBC Three at 10:45 PM on 31 January 2024.

Alternatively, you can stream the show online! Click the link below to view the show online through the official website.

Domino Day Cast

Looking to find out who starred and the guest cast on today’s episode of Domino Day? We’ve got you covered.

Main Cast
Siena Kelly as Domino

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